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This page describes how to set up a M500 base station in a single-cell configuration.

In a single-cell configuration, only one M500 base station is used.

Connecting the M500 base station

Plug an Ethernet (network) cable into the RJ45 connector labeled “NET”, and plug the other end into the network side to establish a data link. 

Configuring the M500 base station to single-cell mode

You can configure the base station via WebUI, Provisioning, or the LINK button. 


  1. Open a Web browser. In the address bar, enter the IP address of the base station.

    To find the IP address of base station

    On a handset/deskset registered to the M500, select Settings Status Network → IPv4 or IPv6, and scroll down to IP address.

    If there are no handsets/desksets registered to the M500, then you must look up the IP address from your router that is connected to the M500.

  2. On the System  Base Preferences page, click the Mode list and select "Single".


Import the following setting value to to the base station via provisioning. 

multicell.role = single

For more information about this setting, see multicell.role.

LINK button on the base station

For the base station, follow the instructions described in How to set the base station operating mode or factory reset using the LINK button.

  • Select sub-menu option "Factory reset AND change operating mode to Single".