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With auto provisioning, M500 checks periodically and/or during bootup for a settings update hosted by a provisioning server via the sever URL. The provisioning schedule and server URL can be configured via Resynchronization Settings and Provisioning Server Settings respectively. 
Note: Auto firmware upgrade uses the same scheduler and can be enabled via provisioning.resync_mode as part of the process.

The M500 supports multiple ways to retrieve provisioning server URL for zero-touch phone deployment. The following lists out the possible sources in the priority below:

  1. PnP—Plug and Play Subscribe and Notify protocol
  2. DHCP Options
  3. Preconfigured URL—The URL will point to the Snom redirection server by default. This makes zero-touch phone deployment possible by allowing users to set up redirection rules and create provisioning templates through an account set up on the Snom Redirection and Provisioning Service (SRAPS). NOTE: Using SRAPS requires contacting the Snom support team for an account.

If one of these sources is disabled, not available, or has not been configured, the M500 proceeds to the next source until reaching the end of the list.

Configure via WebUI

Note: if you have a dual-cell or multi-cell configuration, you must perform these steps for each base station.

  1. Open a Web browser. In the address bar, enter the IP address of the base station.
  2. On the Servicing Certificates Trusted Certificates page, select the Only accept trusted certificates check box if you want to only allow servers which can be authenticated by one of the installed certificates on the device.
  3. On the Servicing Provisioning page, enter the required values for the fields described below.


    Server URL

    Sets the provisioning server address. The format of the URL must be RFC 1738 compliant, as follows:

    • "<user>:<password>@" may be empty.
    • "<port>" can be omitted if you do not need to specify the port number.
    Server Authentication NameSets the authentication name for accessing the provisioning server.
    Server Authentication PasswordSets the authentication password for accessing the provisioning server.
    Enable PnP Subscribe

    Enables or disables checking for the provisioning URL using Plug-and-Play Subscribe and Notify protocol.

    Select the checkbox to enable the M500 to search for the provisioning URL via a SUBSCRIBE message to a multicast address ( The M500 expects the server to reply with a NOTIFY that includes the provisioning URL. The process times out after five attempts.

    Use DHCP Options

    Enables or disables checking for the provisioning URL using DHCP options.

    When selected, the M500 automatically attempts to get a provisioning URL through one of the enabled DHCP Option Priority listed below.
    Note: Ensure that DHCP is also enabled on the “Basic Network Settings” page.

    DHCP Option Priority 1If DHCP is enabled, sets the first priority DHCP option for obtaining the provisioning URL.
    DHCP Option Priority 2If DHCP is enabled, sets the second priority DHCP option for obtaining the provisioning URL.
    DHCP Option Priority 3If DHCP is enabled, sets the third priority DHCP option for obtaining the provisioning URL.
    Vendor Class ID (DHCP 60)Sets the vendor ID for DHCP option 60.
    User Class Info (DHCP 77)Sets the user class for DHCP option 77.

    Sets the mode of the M500's provisioning/firmware file check. This determines which files the M500 retrieves when the resync process begins.

    The M500 can check for configuration files, firmware update files (from the URL entered on the Firmware Server Settings page), or both.
    Note: When checking for both configuration and firmware files, users have the option to specify the firmware URL within the config file. This firmware URL takes precedence over the existing URL on the Firmware Server Settings page and update that to the newer firmware URL at the same time. This enables you to change the firmware URL automatically.

    Bootup Check

    Enables or disables bootup check for configuration and firmware files. The update is applied as part of the reboot process.

    Schedule Check: Disable

    When selected, disables regularly scheduled file checking.

    Schedule Check: Interval(minutes)Sets an interval for checking for updates. After selecting Interval(minutes), enter the interval in minutes between update checks.
    Schedule Check: Days of the WeekSelect to enable weekly checking for updates on one or more days. After selecting Days of the Week, select the day(s) on which the M500 checks for updates.
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
    Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Sets the day(s) when the M500 checks for new firmware and/or configuration files.
    Start HourSets the hour when the M500 starts to check for new firmware and/or configuration files.
    End HourSets the hour when the M500 stops checking for new firmware and/or configuration files.
    Use encryption for configuration fileEnables or disables the use of encryption for the configuration file(s). Enable if you have encrypted the configuration file(s) using AES encryption.

    Sets the AES encryption passphrase for decrypting the configuration file(s). Enter the key that was generated when you encrypted the file.

Configure via Provisioning

Import the following settings to to the base station via provisioning. Change the values as required. 

If you are in a dual-cell or multi-cell configuration, you must import the settings for each base station.

provisioning.remote_check_sync_enable = 1
provisioning.server_address ={mac}.htm
provisioning.server_username = 
provisioning.server_password = 
provisioning.pnp_enable = 1
provisioning.pnp_response_timeout = 10
provisioning.dhcp_option_enable = 1
provisioning.dhcp_option_priority_1 = 66
provisioning.dhcp_option_priority_2 = 159
provisioning.dhcp_option_priority_3 = 160
network.user_class = snomM500
network.vendor_class_id = snomM500
provisioning.resync_mode = config_and_firmware
provisioning.bootup_check_enable = 1
provisioning.schedule_mode = disable
provisioning.resync_time = 0
provisioning.weekdays = 
provisioning.weekdays_start_hr = 0
provisioning.weekdays_end_hr = 0
provisioning.crypto_enable = 0
provisioning.crypto_passphrase = 
provisioning.check_trusted_certificate = 0

For more information about a setting, refer to its page in M500 Settings.