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  • DECT - 3.0 Multicell setup


Once the position of the base stations is determined, can proceed installing the multi cell system.

In contrast to desktop telephones, the Dect configuration is split for ease of understanding.

The multicell is filled with network- and DECT specific information. The handsets themselves are filled with the SIP identities.

Hereby the steps to follow:

  1. Start with first base:

    ATTENTION:  Before you set up another base, the first, primary base must be completely set up. This will then show "Allowed to Join as Primary" at the end.

    • To access the base, enter the IP address of the base into a web browser, and

      use the default credentials for "username" and "password": admin

      How to find the IP address of your base is described in the following article: How to enter M300, M700, M900 - Web Interface

    • Updating the firmware to the latest version

      Please check in advance whether the latest stable Firmware version is installed on your DECT base station (M700/M900) and your DECT handsets (M25/M65/M70/M80/M85/M90).

    • Configure the NTP server and the proper Country / time-zone
      WUI → "Country"

    • Configure the SIP server
      WUI → "Servers"

    • Configure at least one SIP account
      WUI → "Extensions"

    • Enable "multi cell mode"
      WUI → "Mutlicell"

    • Configure the data-sync (peer-to-peer or multicast)
      Better always use "multicast"!
      WUI → "Mutlicell"

      Multicast: if you are using multicast you can change one or more settings on every base of the system, all the changes will be propagated automatically over all the bases. In this situation you should avoid to work on more than one base at the same time

      Peer-to-peer: in case the system is set using peer-to-peer you must change the settings on the Primary data sync DECT base. Changing a setting on another base will not trigger a setting synchronisation
      "Multi master" should be avoided except for some very specific situation
      In production the DECT tree should be calculated automatically by the system in order to offer the best coverage and redundancy
      Multi Cell

    • Reboot the base

  2. Once the base is rebooted you should see the status "Ready to join as Primary" in the device home page

  3. Setup the second base:

  4. After the base stations reboots, the base should join the system, this can take up to 15-20 minutes.

  5. Install all the base stations in the same way of the second one

  6. Register the handsets to the system

Step by step Guide:

  1. First we have to configure the so called Data Master.

    • Go to the web interface of your M700/M900 and go to the section "Servers".
    • Standard username and password are admin/admin.

      Tip: If admin/admin doesn't work the first time you press it, just send it a second time. This is intended as a security feature to remind you to change the default credentials.

    • Click on the item "Add Server".

    • Here you have to enter the registrar and make further settings if necessary.

  1. Add Extensions

If a base station doesn't join the system, please look at the following articles:

Here you find a nice Video how to deploy a dect multicell Solution with a 3CX.