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The aim of this document is to provide a simple guide to get your DECT Multicell with Snom DECT - M series bases up and running on your 3CX phone system conveniently and in a few steps.

Please check in advance whether the latest stable firmware version is installed on your DECT base station (M300/M700/M900) and your DECT handsets (M25/M65/M70/M80/M85/M90).

For further information about DECT Multi Cell Measuring and Installation please visit the following page: DECT Multi Cell Installation How-to.

For information on how to configure Snom desk phones on a 3CX Phone System, click here: Setting up a Snom Phone on 3CX PB

Step 1: Connecting a DECT multicell in the 3CX

If you want to set up a multicell with Snom M700/M900 base stations, on a 3CX - PBX system, it is best to proceed as follows:   

First, connect an M700/M900 to your local network (which you want to make the Primary Base (Data Master)) so that you can reach it with a PC. It should also have access to the Internet.

Please note that you should only connect the primary base (data master) to the 3CX. It will then receive the configuration from the 3CX via provisioning and distribute it automatically within the DECT multicell.

Create extension

  1.  It is best to open your 3CX web interface and first create an extension in the 3CX web interface.

Create FXS/DECT device

  1. Navigate to your 3CX web interface to the menu item "FXS/DECT" (From 3CX version 16AdvancedFXS/DECT)

    There you create a new device by clicking the Plus button (Add +FXS/DECT),

    enter the MAC address of the desired M700/M900 and click OK.

  2. The data record then looks like this:

  3. Switch to the "Extensions" tab and select the extension you just created.

  4. Go back to the first page "General" and open the record to copy out the provisioning link.

    There you will also find the new admin password for the M700.

Step 2: Configuring the Snom Multicell

  1. Now open the web interface of your Snom M700/M900 by entering the IP address of the base.
    If you don't know how to find out the IP address, please refer to the following "Discovery Mode" instructions.

  2. Navigate to the menu item, "Management":

  3. Copy the provisioning link into the "Configuration Server" field and apply the settings.

  4.  The M700/M900 should restart and get the configuration from the 3CX.

  5. Now switch back to the web interface of your primary M700, which should now be restarted.
    Under the menu item "Servers" it should now look well filled like in the following picture:

ACHTUNG: Das Passwort der Snom DECT Basis hat sich nun geändert!

After you have connected the first DECT base to your 3CX system, the web interface of the base is no longer accessible with the username and password "Admin". For security reasons, 3CX assigns a new secure password, which you can find in the 3CX web interface, in the DECT base device configuration under FXS/DECT. The following screenshot shows the password at "Device Web Page Password".

How to configure the M700/M900 as a multicell, you can find here: DECT - M700/M900 - Activate Multicell Mode