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You are trying to install a mixed multicell DECT system, using both M700 and M900 together in the same installation, either:

  • creating the system from scratch
  • adding some base stations to an existing system 

Keep in Mind

  • When using an heterogeneous system, the primary base always needs to be an M700
  • The M900 bases "adapt" to the "function level" of the M700 bases in a mixed system, so that only the functions of the M700 are available at the M900 as well. For example, LAN sync cannot be used.
  • All bases need to have the same firmware and to see each other DECT-wise in order to synchronize


  1. If you are building a mixed system from scratch, first configure at least one M700 to start the multicell as the primary device, the M900 can then be included as a secondary device in the mutlicell.

  2. If you are adding a base station to an existing system, you need to make sure the M700 keeps the primary role: if you enabled the automatic configuration of the DECT tree (which is enabled by default), the system will balance itself and keep an M700 as a primary.
  3. If you disabled the automation and configured the DECT tree manually, make sure never to set an M900 as a primary to avoid any issues.