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  • BLF LEDs not working in connected state

By default, the connected status is mapped to the color red, but Snom 710 and 715 models have only green LEDs.

That's why we introduced the setting led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds.

In order to have BLF led on in the connected status, you must add the value "red" to this setting. 

To perform this action you have two methods:

  • Use an HTTP request:
    http://Phone_IP/settings.htm?settings=save&led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds=red green
  • Adding the following XML tag into the provisioning files

    <led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds perm="">red green</led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds>

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