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XML Configuration

<led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</led_colors_used_for_green_only_leds>


The 710 and 715 have green line-LEDs however you can also attach a D7 expansion module which has multi colored LEDs. The default LED settings are configured in such a manner that they setup the standard multicolor behavior. This setting controls which of the multi color behaviors are represented on the green-only line-LEDs of the phone itself. For example if some sort of key-setup would signal its state by blinking orange on a multi colored LED you can hereby determine whether or not the same key-setup would cause a green-only line-LEd to blink or just stay off. I.e. if you include orange into this setting's value the green LED would blink, if orange is not listed it will stay off.

Valid Values

a space-separated list of colors: 'green', 'red' and 'orange'

Default Value


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