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  • Can I set or change phone settings via HTTP requests



Yes, all settings of a Snom phone can be set and changed remotely by sending HTTP GET requests to the phone´s Webserver.




Change phoneIP to your phone´s IP address.

Any ASCII character can be generated by using it’s hex value preceeded by "%".

URLs cannot contain spaces. Encode a space with %20

Starting from firmware version 8.4.33 / 8.7.2 you need to add store_settings=save on your GET request in order to write your changed settings to flash memory.

Eg.: http://phoneIP/dummy.htm?settings=save&language=Deutsch&store_settings=save


  • Example 2: The following example shows how to turn off/on the ring tone.
    Program two free keys on the phone like this:
    1. Context: active; Type: Action URL; Number: http://phone IP/dummy.htm?settings=save&user_ringer1=Silent
    2. Context: active; Type: Action URL; Number: http://phone IP/dummy.htm?settings=save&user_ringer1=Ringer1

    When an incoming call is ringing press the first button to turn it off. When you press the second Button you will turn it on. You have to replace „phone IP" with the IP address of the phone. In this case you should use MAC address based IP addresses, so that the phone always gets the same, otherwise you accidentally switch off the ring tone of another user.