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Yes, most settings of a Snom phone can be set and changed remotely by sending HTTP GET requests to the phone'Is webserver.

Note: If you just like to change a single setting occasionally and you can access the web interface as admin please see: How to change phone settings via right-click in the Settings page as well.



  • Change phoneIP to your phone´s IP address.
  • Any ASCII character can be generated by using its hex value preceded by "%". For example, encode a space with %20. Please look at this page for the complete encoding table.
  • If you have set up user name and password to protect the web interface the HTTP request must be authenticated, with your browser you can use the following syntax: http://username:password@phoneIP/dummy.htm?settings=save&setting=validvalue
  • Hidden tags need to be disabled in order to have the setting change taking effect
  • In order to write your changed settings to flash memory, you need to add store_settings=save on your GET request. Example: http://phoneIP/dummy.htm?settings=save&language=Deutsch&store_settings=save