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  • How to use push-to-talk (PTT) on an M-series handset


Starting with firmware 500.1, the push-to-talk functionality is available on our handsets M65, M70, M80, M85 and M90.
This feature enables the handset to function like a Walkie Talkie by pressing and holding the mute-button on the left side of the handset.

To enabled it,

  1. head into the handset menu and
  2. then into Settings, here you will
  3. find the "Push To Talk" option, once it has been turned on for each single handset you want to use it with, it allows to start a push-to-talk call from every handset that has the option enabled towards all the ones that have it enabled too, overall in the multicell system.

Once it has been enabled,

  1. if you press and keep pressed the "mute" button,
  2. the handset will open a direct communication channel with all the others that have this functionality enabled.
  3. The call will drop as soon as you release the button.

The calling handset needs to be in idle state, the call will be automatically answered on speakerphone on all the handsets with the push-to-talk enabled, and it is only possible for one person at a time to talk using the push-to-talk functionality.

When the push-to-talk feature is enabled on one handset on a system of base stations, only six calls can be ongoing at the same time from any base station which has the handset connected