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Generally, VoIP/SIP providers also give their customers instructions to configure the Snom phones. If your provider did not send you any indication on how to configure the phone, the following article can help you get started.

For this article, we will assume that the following information was given by provider:

  • Server:
  • Authentication Username: abc34567890
  • Authentication Password: cde4567890
  • (optional) Caller ID/Phone number: 0123456789

1. Create a server 

  • Open the web interface of the M300,M700,M900 and click on Servers -> Add Server
  • Set a Server name under parameter "Server Alias". You can use any name you want. For our example we will user "myServer"
  • Under "Registrar:" enter the Server IP or hostname from your provider. In our example it will be ""

  • Leave the rest of the parameters to their default values, scroll down and click Save

2. Create an extension and register a handset

For this step,

  • please read the following Article: DECT - 3.1 Add Extensions or
  • use the admin guide: .
    • For M700, follow the instructions explained in the sections:
      "Initial Settings" -> "Extensions - M700"  -> "Setting up Extensions - M700", and then "Registering Handsets on M700 - Method 1" or "Registering Handsets on M700 - Method 2"
    • For M300, follow the instructions explained in the section "Initial Settings" -> "Extensions - M300"  -> "Setting up extension and handset on M300"

When you are adding the extension, you will need to enter the following parameters:

  • Extension: the Phone number or Caller ID from your provider. If there was no phone number provided, you can enter the Authentication Username
  • Authentication User Name:  the Authentication Username from your provider
  • Authentication Password:  the Authentication Password from your provider
  • Server: the server you have already created ("myServer") will be chosen automatically for you from the drop-down
    For our example it would look like this:

  • Leave the rest of the parameters to their default values and press Save.