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Konftel 300Wx devices can be registered on the Snom M300, M700, M900 DECT base stations.

Starting from version v355B21 up to 10 Konftel 300Wx devices per base/multicell are supported.

Important Notes:
  • Only the Konftel 300Wx is supported. Other Konftel models e.g the 300W are not supported
  • Firmware version v355B16 or hogher needs to be installed on the DECT base station
  • Make sure you have the latest or a recent firmware version installed on the Konftel device. Older firmware versions do not send all the information needed by the base station
  • Known issue: In versions 400B2, 400B4 and 410B4 the registration from Konftel to M300, M700, M900 is not possible because of a bug that has already been fixed. Fix Versions: Starting from 410B1.


The Konftel 300Wx is treated like a Snom handsets (i.e. M25, M65, M85,), therefore an extension must have been set up for it on the web interface of the base station.

To set up an extension please refer to the M300/M700 Admin Guide , M900 Admin Guide or read more here. Afterward, the registration will be completed on the Konftel 300Wx itself.

Please follow the steps below: 

  1. On the Konftel 300Wx, select: SETTINGS -> DECT -> REGISTER to start the registration mode. Note: You need to confirm all your choices by pressing OK.
  2. Select base (1–4). Note: Four base stations can be registered in the Konftel 300Wx. If no base station has been programmed, choose no. 1. 
  3. Enter the base station’s security code (PIN code). The code is 0000 for the Snom M300, M700, M900 base station.
  4. The Konftel 300Wx is now in registration mode and is searching for a Snom base station.
  5. If registration was successful, the word SUCCESS will appear in the display of the Konftel 300Wx.
  6. The Konftel 300Wx is now ready to be used with the Snom DECT base station, M300, M700, M900.

For the usage in the US

If you are unable to register the Konftel 300Wx for use in the USA, please take the following steps:

The base station requires the 300Wx to be set to US-Nonextended for the US. You can determine if the Konftel is using the correct DECT band and resolve this by adjusting the DECT band by doing the following:

Access the Service Menu on the Konftel 300Wx:

  • Press MENU
  • Longpress on the Hold button (Lower left corner).
  • Longpress on the Line mode button (Lower right corner)
  • Go to DECT REGION and change the DECT band

    Options are:
    • EU
    • US-Extended
    • US-Legacy
    • US-Nonextended

  • Select US-Nonextended.
  • Save and exit from the service menu and then try registering again with the Snom DECT base station.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The registration procedure normally works keeping the IPEI FFFFFFFFFF. If you want to specify the Konftel IPEI number you have to make sure to enter it into the HEX form.