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If your DECT multicell installation (M700 and M900) is experiencing problems and seems to be unstable, it might be necessary to rebuild the whole DECT topology (tree).

This is how you do it:

On the Primary

  1. Go to the "Multicell / Base Station Group" section and select "Check All". This will select all of the Secondary bases in the Multicell chain (except the Primary).

  2. Press Remove from Chain

  3. Select the Primary and also press Remove from Chain

  4. The multicell is now disabled and can be rebuilt.

  5. If the bases both advertise that they are the Primary and you get this error message on the bases;

  6. Two Primary base stations cannot create a chain. Default the ones you want to be Secondary.

On the Secondary Base Stations

  1. Go to "Managment" and click "Default Base Station". Click OK when prompted.

  2. Log back into the Web UI of the Secondary after it reboots, navigate to Multicell, enable the Multicell and then click "Save and Reboot".

  3. The Secondary base stations should now join the Multicell as Secondary base stations.