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The M300,M700,M900 and handsets can be upgraded manually using HTTP, FTP or TFTP.

In this howto we detail a step-by-step procedure using a small TFTP/HTTP/SIP/DHCP Server (SPLiT):  SPLiT is available here.

Please note: SPLiT is a third-party software.  Use at your own discretion and always use a reliable scanner for viruses, trojans, and other malware or adware. Snom does not accept any responsibility or liability for any third-party products.


(explained by an example with a M700 on a TFTP server)

1. Download SPLiT and the Device firmware

In order to do the factory reset via Network recovery you need to download the SPLiT application and the proper firmware binary you want to install.

Upgrading base or handsets from version 324 or earlier:


After upgrading to the version 355BXX you WILL NOT ABLE TO DOWNGRADE TO THE VERSION 324BXX. Please take this upgrade carefully


The upgrade will remove all the manually uploaded contacts from the global addressbook. Please make sure to re-upload the addressbook after the update.


In case you are doing the update from a 323 version you need to update to the version 324B12 before applying the version 355

You can find the latest available release here Firmware Update Center / Older Firmware you can find here Firmware Archive (DECT).


Save the SPLiT software into a directory, in the same directory create a subfolder named http, ftp or tftp (lowercase).
  • To prevent a permissions issue when the M700 tries to access the .fwu files, right click on the TFTP folder,
  • chose "Share With > Specific People",
  • choose "Everyone" from the drop down and then Add.
  • Once added give "Everyone" Read&Write access to the files and then click Share.

2. Run the HTTP/TFTP server

Alternatively to the SPLiT solution presented here, you can of course set up your own HTTP, FTP or TFTP server.

Please keep in mind that if the firmware file is bigger than 32MB like some of the latest ones, the TFTP/FTP server will not work and the phone will need an older firmware with a smaller file or you would need to use the HTTP server)

  • On Windows: 
    • run the SPLiT executable as Administrator

  • On Mac/OSX:
    • Open a terminal
    • add the execution permission to the SPLiT Application: chmod +x SPLiT_1.1.1_OSX
    • run the SPLiT executable in a terminal using sudo: sudo ./SPLiT_1.1.1_OSX

  • Once the software is started:
    • Click on the Debug check box
    • Insert your computer IP address into the IP Address field
    • Verify that the HTTP, FTP or TFTP Directory fields contains the tftp value
    • Click on the Start HTTP/TFTP Server button

      (Our screenshot shows an example of the configuration for a TFTP server.)

Detailed instructions on how to install and set up SPLiT can be found in the following article: How to setup SPLiT - VoIP Test Environment

3. Upgrading the M700 Base and Handsets

  • Login to the M700 (Chose the Primary M700 if this is a Multi Cell configuration)
  • Navigate to the "Firmware Update" settings.
  • Determine the IP address of your Computer that is running the SPLiT TFTP Server and enter the IP address in the "Firmware update server address" field.
  • Leave "Firmware Path" blank, type 450 in the M85 and M65 type field, Build version is 14

  • Make sure the M85s and M65 Handsets are registered to the M700 Base.
  • Place the M85s and M65s in there charging cradle to start the upgrade process.
  • Click "Update Start" and then confirm the upgrade when prompted by clicking OK.
  • You can monitor the M65s upgrade progress from the "Extension" page of the M700.

  • The M65s could take up to an hour to upgrade based on the Network utilization and traffic.
  • Once the phone has upgraded, as indicated by the "Extensions" settings page, confirm the version on the phone by going to Menu > Status and checking the FW version is 355.

Practical example

A practical example upgrading an M900 to firmware 670B202, using Split as an HTTP server on a local laptop

  • Download Split as above
  • Download the firmware file from the page
  • Make sure you know the IP address of your laptop, where Split is going to run
  • Create a folder called "http" in the same folder as you are running Split
  • Inside the "http" folder create another one called "M900"
  • Inside the "M900" folder save your firmware file (in our example M900_V670_b202.fwu)
  • Start Split with admin rights
  • Set the "IP Address" on Split to the same IP as your laptop
  • Start the HTTP server on Split (make sure you're using port 80, if the HTTP server doesn't start you need to close anything else running on your port 80)
  • On the base station, pass down as the server URL http://Split_IP
  • Set down the version and branch, in our case 670 and 202 respectively 
  • Start the upgrade
  • You should see on the "Log" tab on Split the http request for the file, ending with a "200" which means the file was passed down
  • The base will download the file from Split and upgrade, that could take up to 10 minutes, do not disconnect the base