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While in a conference call on a Snom desk phone, it's possible to control the call using the phone's handset or, if in use, an headset connected to the phone

This can mainly be done using two parameters, as below

Disconnect on Hook

There is a parameter, called conf_hangup in the configuration file or "Disconnect on Hook" in the web interface

This is set to "off" by default, and it doesn't disconnect the call during a conference if the handset is placed back on hook, or if user tries to close the call using the headset's button

It can be useful if you want to avoid the conference closing when you place the handset back on-hook, if you want to switch to the speakerphone

To be able to close the conference call by placing the handset on-hook, or by pressing the headset's button, you need to enable this parameter

Cancel Conference

There also is a parameter called cancel_conference in the configuration file, that cannot be set via web interface (if not by using the right click)

If this setting is enabled, and it is by default, putting the handset on-hook or using the headset's button will close the conference call

If it's disabled, with the same actions, all the parties in the conference will be put on hold


To be able to close a call by putting the handset back on-hook or by using the headset's button, both conf_hangup and cancel_conference must be enabled