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Sometimes, it can be really useful to be able to have a look at the phone's screen when you are not in the same location. E.g. if you are a VAR setting up a phone system for a customer, or you are working at a helpdesk and you need to understand what your client is seeing on his phone.

With the built-in web server, it is very easy to have a look at a Snom phone's screen - and not only the main screen.


To be able to see the screen(s) of the phone, the phone needs to be in admin mode. 

You can display all available screens of the phone. Just type into your web browser:

Main Screen


Example of a D120 screen:

Expansion Module D3/D7


Example of a D7 screen:

Second Screen (fkey labelling), e.g. D345/D745


Example of a D785 function key screen:

This feature is working on all Snom desktop phones.