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  1. Make sure you are using the latest firmware version for your Snom phone.
  2. Make sure the SIP identities are configured correctly and can register with the Registrar.
  3. Revise the configuration of the following settings:
    1. user_failover_identity - The index of the failover Identity 
    2. retry_after_failed_register -  Number of seconds after a failed registration the Primary will try to re-register
    3. active_line - The Primary Identity
    4. user_expiry -  The proposed expiry time of the registration in seconds for line x. Upon expiration of the registration, the phone will send a fresh re-registration request. 
    5. sip_health_check - Enables/Disables the status polling of primary server if the phone has been failed over to the backup server
    6. session_timer - Session Timer for calls (try setting to 1800 seconds)

  4. Be sure not to use Identity 1 as the Primary with Identity 12 as the failover Identity. There is a known issue (SCPP-6267 - Failover not working between Identity 1 and 12)

  5. Retry and test the failover.