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Firmware Releases

Maintenance Update

Here you can see a chronological order of important changes in our devices and our software. Release

Release Date: 22. April 2024

End Of Life Notice!

This is the last software release for the snom D345 and snom D725 phones. These devices already reached the end-of-life cycle. 

Supporting SB-327 and PSTI regulations

For the D862 and D865, we already support the SB-327 and PSTI regulations to ensure your security when using our products. To obtain your password for the device, you can configure it the following ways

  • by provisioning by setting the http_webserver_password, or
  • in PhoneManager to execute the wizard, which guides you through the setup, or 
  • on the Phone User Interface.

Without configuring the http_webserver_name and http_webserver_password settings, the phone cannot be put into operation and does not allow calls to be started or received. Maintenance Update

Release Date: 5. Marc 2023

Maintenance updates have been tested thoroughly automatically, but have not been through a full manual QA test run. We suggest to always carefully read the change log, before installing the firmware on phones in a test environment. Release

Release Date: 15. December 2023

This version has received a maintenance update with the version! Release

Release Date: 1. August 2023 Release

Release Date: 30. May 2023 Release

Release Date: 09. February 2023 Release - D862 and D865 exclusive

Release Date: 23. January 2023 - PULLED BACK: 08. February 2023 Release

Release Date: 30. November 2022 Release Release - D120 exclusive