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We have 30 devices Snom 715 from 2014. We'd like to upgrade the firmware for being able to use headsets over USB. As stated in TLS Support we require a specific firmware patch to move from SHA-1 to SHA-2 which must be requested to the Snom tech support. Can this be provided to us? Is this the right place to ask? Thank you! Bruno


Bruno Streit

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  1. Hi, to upgrade the built-in certificate to SHA-2 version follow these steps:

    1. factory reset the phones or check that the setting_server parameter has the default value 
    2. upgrade the phones to the latest firmware version ( Release)
    3. create an account on SRAPS (, if you don't have one
    4. add the phones mac address into your SRAPS account
    5. on SRAPS, for each phone, include provisioning of any parameter (for example the phone language)
    6. when you click "Save" on SRAPS, a popup will appear asking if you want to upgrade the certificate to SHA-2. Accept the injection.
    7. reboot the phone
  2. Hi Bruno, you can also create a provisioning profile with one or many parameters, and then assign all your 30 devices to it. With this you will save some time (wink)

    1. End user Bruno Streit

      Yes, shure, thanx. After I manage to upgrade one phone I'll go for auto provisioning.

  3. End user Bruno Streit

    Thank's for the information! I managed to update the firmware, connect a phone to SRAPS and upgrade the certificates to SHA-2. Sadly our old Kerio Operator VOIP ist not able to connect to the new firmware any more. It is outdated. So I will wait until we move to 3CX later this year. Greetings. Bruno