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Web User Interface

Advanced - Update(Section): Setting URL (Reboot required)

Phone User Interface



V8 / V10

XML Configuration

<setting_server perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</setting_server>


Enter the URL of the settings server from where you would like to obtain the configuration file to configure your phone.

Valid Values

Snom XXX:, <>

Snom XXX:

 t, <>

Snom M9:, <>

Snom M9:

 t, <>

Default Value (legacy/deprecated or kept for backward compatibility reasons)\{mac\}

SnomXXX = {snomD305, snomD315, snomD345, snomD375, snom715, snom725, snomD745, snomD765, snom710, snom720, snom760, snommp, snompa1, snom300, snom320, snom360, snom370, snom821, snom870, snom820, snomm9}

Secure Default Value (Starting FW Version V10.1.10.0 / deskphone models D120, D385, D712, D713, D717, D735, D785, D862, D865)\{mac\}