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What is SRAPS - Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service?

The Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service (SRAPS) enables secure zero-touch Phone deployment. As a Reseller, you may remotely manage your Clients, and their Phones, avoiding costly on-site visits.
Users may set up Redirection rules, create Provisioning templates, anytime, from anywhere.

This service comes completely free of charge to Snom partners, and customers.

How do I get access to SRAPS?

You can sign up for an SRAPS user account online at

Where is SRAPS hosted?

Snom hosts its service in the metropolitan area of Frankfurt a.M., Germany, and complies of course with the both the strict German data protection law and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Core features of SRAPS

SRAPS provides Snom customers with these main features:

  • As a reseller, create your companies and manage endpoints and provisioning profiles for those companies.
  • Create product default configuration per phone model and tenant, e.g. firmware update, GUI customisation and custom client certificates.
  • Secure redirection of Snom phones to their assigned setting server.
  • Secure auto-provisioning: Define configuration profiles and apply them to the phones.
  • A remote XML-RPC API to programmatically manage the device redirections

Phone redirection

When a Snom phone connects for the first time to the internet, it contacts SRAPS to ask for a setting server URL. If SRAPS contains an entry for its MAC address, it will set the URL as value for the phone parameter setting_server, and the phone will send a request to this server to fetch a configuration file.

Initial firmware update

SRAPS user can define a specific firmware version per phone model they would like the phones to update to when they contact SRAPS for the first time (Product Defaults).


If you create your provisioning profiles on SRAPS, SRAPS serves not only as a redirection service, but also creates and provides the configuration files to the phone contacting the service.

How to interact with SRAPS?

Via the XML-RPC APIs

You can manage the phone redirections programmatically via the XML-RPC API, the API allows to integrate the zero-touch provisioning in any platform. Here is the full description of the API

Via the Web Interface

You can use the web frontend to manage your phones and provisioning profiles. 

Via the Python CLI

Snom provides a CLI (Command Line Interface) allowing an easy management of the devices redirections