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The PhoneLink for innovaphone app provides SRAPS with all necessary settings a phone needs to register successfully to the PBX. Additionally, in PhoneLink for innovaphone, the user can specify Provisioning Profiles created on SRAPS to enhance the auto-provisioning of the phones with more settings.

Use Cases

With Provisioning Profiles, the phone admin has the complete freedom to add any setting parameter to the phones being auto-provisioned. This can be used to

  • secure the phones against potential threats (provide admin passwords, secure the webserver, etc.)
  • add XML server address books
  • define function keys
  • customize phone behavior (e.g. call transfer)

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Create the Provisioning Profile on the Web Portal of SRAPS (Click here to see how to create Provisioning Profiles)

  2. Go to Home and access the PhoneLink app:

  3. Once inside the app, the provisioning profiles that are associated with your company will be shown in the drop-down list. The selected profile will be used by all phones of that product family. (Phones already registered will need to request again their configuration from SRAPS) 


    The provisioning profile used as an example has a BLF function key configured: 

  4. Add the device to the PBX, as described in the previous section of this page, a D385 was used for this example: 

  5. Trigger the provisioning request

  6. The BLF and the phone provisioning information was properly loaded by the phone:

    The successful registration: