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On SRAPS, users can put together bundles of settings they want to apply to multiple phones in so called Provisioning Profiles. These settings would be generic, user-unspecific settings such as:

  • Localisation settings, e.g. time zone, language, tone scheme.
  • Function keys configuration, e.g. speed dial to an emergency number on fkey1 for every phone in a company.
  • Call features, such as transfer on hangup or customised layout of soft keys.

Overview page

When you go to the page Endpoint management → Provisioning Profiles, you will first see an overview list of all your provisioning profiles. 

If you are a reseller, provisioning profiles will be assigned to your companies. To select the company you want to see the profiles of, click on the filter Company. 

The list will show you the name, the date of creation and the number of settings the profile contains.

You can also look for a provisioning profile by using the search bar at the top of the list.

Add new Provisioning Profile

To add a new Provisioning Profile, click on the +Add button at the top right of the list. The following mask will show up.

  • Name: Give your profile a significant name.
  • Company: Chose the company you want to create the profile for (only applies to reseller user accounts).

Add Settings to the Provisioning Profile

Now that your Provisioning Profile is created, you need to fill it with life. Start adding settings to it. To do so, you will find on the right side a panel with available settings.

You should always create a provisioning profile for one single product family, e.g. desk phones (D-Series). Mixing settings from many product families into one profile may cause malfunctioning of the phones.

Filter the settings by product family. You will see below setting groups (or categories), that will allow you do find the right setting easier.

You can also search for a setting, by either looking for the friendly name or typing in the exact parameter name (e.g. search for friendly name SIP username or parameter name user_name).

Copy Provisioning Profiles

If you need to create many profiles for many different companies, you can make use of the Copy function. It will create an exact copy of the profile, and you can change the attributes, such as name and company, and add, change or delete setting parameters. Just click on the "Copy" button, after that go to Company and select the company/site/branch where you want to add this existing Provisioning Profile, then click Save.

Delete Provisioning Profiles

You can only delete profiles that have no phones assigned to it. This is a security measure to avoid any possible data loss on phones. If you try to delete a Provisioning Profile that still has phones assigned to it you will see the following notification: