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Finding phone numbers can sometimes be difficult - especially if you have to look through huge company directories.
With QuickLookup, we give the customers a really powerful tool for looking up contacts.

Please note: the shown .gif is recorded on an Snom D735, but all models on Release 10 do support it.

And this is how it works:

QuickLookup is the smart alternative to searching through phone books, LDAP directories or call lists, as you had to do previously.
When dialing a number, the system already scans all the available directories for possible hits while the user is entering the details, and suggests these results to the user.

  • For example: say you are looking for Thilo Reher's telephone number, but can only remember the first three digits.
  • As soon as the first three digits have been entered, QuickLookup starts to search through all the directories available on the phone.
  • The results are then displayed by the likelihood of a match, showing the name, picture and phone number.
  • Of course, this also works if you search with text (a name). They use the letters printed on the keys 2-9. They do not have to pay attention to the desired letter of the three printed letters to select. Our intelligent search algorithm starts the search with all reasonable combinations. Example: to search for Alex just type 2539 (the buttons on the phone corresponding to the letters a l e x)

This doesn't just help you find the right contact on your Snom phone faster: it makes it much easier, too.

You can enable / disable Quick Lookup in the web interface under Preferences → Contact Search → Quick Lookup