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Warm Dial is a feature (since firmware version that initiates an automatic call to a pre-configured number if no other number is dialled after a configured time out (e.g. fifteen seconds) once the phone goes off hook.

// Any value smaller or equal to 2 will trigger a Hot Dial if auto_dial_taregt is set. Any value larger than 3 will switch the behavior to Warm Dial
<auto_dial perm="">15</auto_dial>

// A target has to be set otherwise the regular auto dial behavior will trigger
<auto_dial_target perm="">+4922157634433</auto_dial_target>

You can set the destination and time period on the WUI:

  • Auto Dial Timeout (<auto_dial>): any value between 3 to 2147483647 seconds. Default value is off. Any value below 3 will trigger a Hot Dial.
  • Auto Dial Target (<auto_dial_target>): Any valid phone number