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Usage of the  Alert-Info  header

The SIP Alert-Info header must look like this:

Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-event;x-line-id=0


Note:  Asterisk- Users may include the SIP Header this way (Attention:  Use the  quotation  otherwise the semicolons are interpreted as comments!):

exten => s,n,SIPAddHeader("Alert-Info:<>\;info=alert-external\;x-line-id=0")

Since this is a security issue as well, additionally the following setting must be switched "on" on the receiving phone:

´Answer After´ Policy / Intercom Policy

You can also use the Alert-Info headers to choose a certain ringtone from the ones available on the phone or reachable to the phone over http (custom melodies). Here is an example of a call that should ring using Ringer 3:

Alert-Info: <>

Here is an example of a call that would ring using an example custom melody from

Alert-Info: <>