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In some very security savvy environments, the customer might want to use their own client certificates on the endpoints for authentication with their servers. For this, you can use the "Product Defaults - Custom Certificates" feature. 

Add a new custom certificate

  1. To add new Product Defaults, go to the section "Phone Staging" → "Product Defaults", and click on the "+ Add" button in the top right corner. You will see the following input mask.

  2. To upload the certificate to SRAPS:
    1. First choose the Phone Model
    2. Then extend the "Certificates" tab
    3. And the click on the Add New Certificate button.

  3. You can either upload the certificate file, or copy & paste the certificate directly into the text area field.

    Phones of the corresponding product defaults will upload the certificate with their first request to SRAPS. The certificate may then be used for the authentication between phone and customer server. It will not be used for the authentication between phone and SRAPS.