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I am using SRAPS for provisioning phones. Beautiful! I have a question, though, if I create new identities from the SRAPS system, the phone synchronizes correctly. If I delete an identity from SRAPS, the phone does not update, and the deleted identity remains on the phone. I am doing something wrong, or it is correct that it is impossible to delete identity, but why?
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  1. Hi, the behavior is correct. Removing a parameter (or identity) from SRAPS does not mean "delete", but it means "do not provision", so the phone will keep the parameters already set.

    To delete the identity you can: delete it from SRAPS and reset the phone to factory values, so that the provisioning is totally redone, but without the identity removed. Or you have to turn off the identity (user_active = off) and maybe even enter a fake account, so as to make it unusable.

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    1. End user Lorenzo

      Hello Federico Rossi,

      Thank you very much for your clear and simple answer.
      What you say makes sense. But suppose that in the provisioning phase, I made a typing error; how can I ensure that this is corrected in "automatic"? The thing that puzzles me is that updating the configurations in SRAPS is not carried out periodically by the phone. Still, it requires human intervention to manually force the configuration to update. So an account can still be disabled remotely, I understand, is that correct? 
      Am I wrong?

  2. Hi Lorenzo,

    you can configure the phone to reprovision itself automatically. For example you can setup a re-provioning every day or every hour, so if you change something on SRAPS, your phone will keep up to date.

    Please check this page for a detailed explanation: Provisioning Polling for desk phones