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Can you use your Snom phone at home?

The short answer is “yes of course”, Snom phones can be configured and used from anywhere, as long as some conditions are respected:

  • You need an internet connection
  • The internal network, needs to allow the phone to communicate with the external world: the firewall cannot block the phone, the router or proxy need to have the right ports open to allow the communication
  • The server, PBX or phone system you phone was connecting to needs to be reachable from the outside and from your home network
  • All the configuration that was referring to the internal network while in the office, needs to now point to a new address

A lot of this needs to be changed accordingly with the company IT department and with the company that manages the phone system.

Remember: if the phone was working in the office, it is unlikely that is stopped doing so because there is an issue with the phone itself, you probably just need to check and maybe change something in the configuration, and this usually largely depends on the phone system or network side of the installation.

A part from that, there are different possibilities to configure a Snom phone to work from home

  1. Connection via VPN

    You can setup a VPN connection to the office or to reach the server side:

  2. Redirection via SRAPS

    If you need to reconfigure or redirect the phone without being able to get access to it, you can use our SRAPS server, this way you can pass down a new configuration without needing physical access to the device or a remote connection with every user.