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  1. First of all, unpack your Snom Phone and put it on the table.

  2. To connect it use the enclosed network cable and connect the "Net" socket of your telephone to your network switch. The Net port is usually in the center of the 7 series devices. On devices of the 3 series, it is usually on the left.

  3. To get power for your Snom Phone either a network switch with " POE " (Power over Ethernet) or a suitable Snom power supply (A6) unit
    (usually 5V - No guarantee for damage when using an external power supply).

  4. At the "PC" socket you can connect your computer to the workstation.

    These ports support  802.1X authentication.

  5. When connecting the handset to the phone, please note that the short end is connected to the handset and the long end is plugged into the "handset" jack of the phone.You need the longer part for strain relief.

Mount the Footstand - D7xx Series

  • The base of the 7 series can be mounted for the usual standing position and for a lying position.

  • For the classic standing position, you have to slide the short end of the foot down and the long one to the right from below into the rails of the phone until it locks.

  • For the lying position, do it almost the same way, except that the long side must face down and the short one to the right.

Mount the Footstand - D3xx Series

  • Mounting the foot on a device of the 3 series is much easier. As you can see in the picture, you place the latches of the foot, which are located on the very outside at the back, on the rear openings of the phone and then snap the foot forward with a click.

Please note the following instructions for securing your Snom phone after you have put it into operation:  How do I secure my Snom phone