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Hi I have installed PhoneLink and configured on the Cloud platform 
of the Innovaphone PBX, I have registered the phone and I have
the problem of one way audio, moreover unlike as shown in the guide
images when I go to assign the phone to the user in the list
it does not appear the manufacturer Snom but only Innovaphone.


Umberto Manto

End user

Joined: 02.09.2022


  1. Hello 

    Can you confirm if you are using Snom PhoneLink app version 1093 or higher?

  2. Hello 

    Snom app. is not available in "Users Admin → Register phones wizard" only in situations where the app is not configured correctly or the application stopped working.

    Full PhoneLink configuration guide you can find in the link below:
    Please chcek if all leds are green in PhoneLink app.
    If everything is correct and the application shows no errors, but still you are not able to see SNOM in the "Register phones" wizard.
    My recommendation is to restart an App or App. manager.
    I faced this situation once on ver. 1093 and restart solve the problem.
    Currently I'm working on version 1096 which will be released in the next few days and I didn't face such an issue again.

    1. End user Umberto Manto

      this is the situations

      Only innovaphone Phone in the list and i reboot app manager

  3. Hello 

    I was trying to recreate your problem in my environment.

    PhoneLink works fine, the only moment when I'm not able to see Snom in the dropdown menu is when the app is not registered correctly.

    Only thing which I didn't try was to upgrade an app. from a much older version.

    What platform are you using, arm, arm64 or x86?

    Can you tell me what was your installation procedure?
    Brand new installation or from older version?

    Please check also Devices→PBX→Objects.
    You should have only one SNOM app. object.

    1. End user Umberto Manto

      the app platform is App Platform 100013 (x86_64) on innovaphone cloud as new installation.

      i have only one PBX object Snom

  4. I would like you to follow the procedure below:
    1) Uninstall PhoneLink app. via AP Manager
    2) Remove Snom app. object from Devices→PBX→Objects
    3) Install PhoneLink app. acordingly to:
    4) Check if application works correctly.

    If problems still exist please send me a debug from PhoneLink app.
    AP Manager ->PhoneLink app. ->Log file:  Click "Display"

    1. End user Umberto Manto

      After doing what is requested, ie removing the application and deleting the objects, I am no longer able to install and restart the application, which continually fails once the instance is created.

      I am attaching the images I have after installation in which I try to start the instance.

  5. Hello 

    Can you send me a debug from PhoneLink app.?
    AP Manager ->PhoneLink app. ->Log file:  Click "Display"

  6. Hello 

    We just release version 1096.
    It is available on Innova App store.

    Please uninstall version 1093 and install new 1096.