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With the GUI customization features you can really make a Snom phone your Snom phone. Add value to your solution by adopting your customers' corporate identity, and distinguish your value proposition from the rest of the market.

Add new GUI customization

To add a new GUI customization product default, click on the "+ Add" button in the top right corner. This will open the following mask.

First, select the product (model number) you want to create the Product Defaults for. (To see which of the Product Defaults is available for the according Product Family, please refer to the article Product Families).

If you are a reseller, you will also be able to choose the company you are going to create the Product Defaults for.

Background Image

Here you can define the URL that leads to a background image you want to be displayed on the phone screen. The image must have the right dimensions and have the format .PNG.


As shown on the graphic, you can specify the color and the opacity of almost every UI element.


Next to each setting you see the permission flag (RW, RR, R), to allow or prevent changes made by the user.