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Is it possible to pair their Phonak Paradise 90 hearing aids to a Snom D725

From what we have researched, we have found a Bluetooth dongle that could possibly support Bluetooth connectivity, however that would use up the sole USB slot in the phone, so they would be unable to make calls.

We are still trying to find a possible way for the user to have all eh needs, so he can hear a phone call straight into his ear with the aid.

Is this possible? Are there any avenues that we are missing? Can you advise?


Alex Robey

End user

Joined: 01.06.2022


  1. Hi,

    There is unfortunately no other way to use the Bluetooth on a Snom D725 than using the USB port, and even there we have no way to make sure this will actually work I am afraid.

    The only Bluetooth devices we have tested are some headsets, as in the list below, and if tested using a Bluetooth dongle that was the one provided with the headset itself since we do not have an official Snom one

    Compatible Headsets

    Thank you

  2. Also, sorry for the double reply, in the future please post the question in the right section: this was posted in the "SRPAS" section, which should only be related to our SRAPS server.

    Thank you