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Hello. I installed the PhoneLink app as decribed in the how-to. The only difference was that i had to create the pbx-app-object on my own. It wasn't created automaticly. Version of the innovaphone is 13r2 SR20. When i start the PhoneLink app the first three dots remain red ... only the SRAPS server connection is green. Unfortunately i do not found any more detailed informations of how to cofigure this app. Perhaps somebody can send me some more informations on how to configure the app on my innovaphone pbx. 




Oliver Rüther

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  1. Hello 

    Newest version of PhoneLink app. 1098 was tested on the last stable version of the innovaphone 13r2 and also with the new 13r3 release.
    You don't need to create objects manually to install the PhoneLink app.
    Please check article below to find our installation guide:

    When you successfully install the PhoneLink app. you will need to prepare provisioning and provisioning profiles to successfully configure Snom phones with PhoneLink.
    Please follow instructions from article below:

    Best Regards
    Michal Boltz

  2. End user Oliver Rüther


    OK... I have the 1096 Version. But without creating a pbx-app-Object there will be no "Icon" for the PhoneLink app on my "App-Platform". I found out that i had to configure some points in the pbx-app-Object. (Websocket and grant access to APIs). Now all dots are green ... (smile) but at the moment i have no time to test it with a phone.... I think next week.

    Viele Grüße