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If you want to configure function keys for your desk phones, you can do this on SRAPS portal by using the special setting type fkey:

Adding the setting parameter fkey

You can add the setting parameter fkey to a specific endpoint (MAC address) or a provisioning profile (multiple phones).

Setting up the function keys

For the desk phones (D-series) you can define the:

  • index
  • type & value
  • permission flag
  • labelling options

Function key index

Depending on the model, the index range lies between 0 and 275 (including expansion modules). The range starts with index 0.

Function key value

The value the key should hold, e.g. a phone number for speed dial, an extension number for BLF, etc..

Permission flags

A function key can be read only, read & write, read & remain, read-only or volatile.

Function key type

Select the type of function the key should have, e.g. BLF, speed dial, Transfer to, Shared line, etc..

Function key label options

Additionally, you can define the way the function key should be labelled, i.e. what the user sees to identify the function key. These settings include label mode, label name, short label name, and long press capability.