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Many resellers and service providers have a specific Snom phone firmware version they tested and certified with their solution. With the feature Product Defaults - Firmware Update, you can force every phone that belongs to your company (or a child company) to automatically update to the specified firmware version - prior to any of the possible following steps, such as redirection or SRAPS provisioning. This feature is available for D-Series, MSC-series and M-Series.

Add new Product Defaults -Firmware Version

  1. To add new Product Defaults, go to the section "Phone Staging" → "Product Defaults", and click on the +Add button in the top right corner.

    You will see the following input mask.

  2. First, select the product (model number) you want to create the Product Defaults for. (To see which of the Product Defaults are available for each Product Family, please refer to the article Product Families).

  3. If you are a reseller, you will also be able to choose the company you are going to create the Product Defaults for.

Please do not forget that this upgrade policy will apply to all the MAC addresses added to that company from the specified phone model.

Firmware Update for D-Series

For D-Series, insert the version number of the firmware you want to update the phones to:

  1. Branch.Major.Minor.Fix
  2. For example, to update the phones to the D-Series firmware version, you should simply type in , and the phone will download this version after the next reboot (with the VPN firmware in case it was marked) :

The phones will download the firmware files from our standard firmware download server

Firmware Update for MSC-Series 

To perform an upgrade on MSC-Series, the most important step is that the URL is properly specified. For example, if version is needed, the complete link must be specified:

Same if the handsets are going to be upgraded as well:

Firmware Update for M-Series 

To install a new firmware version on M-series, the URL, required version and branch must be specified following the following format: 

Handsets upgrade, together with the base station is also possible, and the same logic must be mirrored:

Additionally, please take into consideration, the firmware dependencies to successfully perform an upgrade for M-Series:

ProductProduction FirmwareIntermediate FW Target firmware
M300 / M700450.x || 480.x500.1 || 500.2520.1
M900450.x || 480.x500.1 || 500.2520.1