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I have a difficulty understanding the SRAPS File Management feature. We are trying to do something pretty basic: As part of a standard phone level profile, we want to add a custom background image. The D865 allows this vita the custom_bg_image_url parameter. As far as I understand, the value has to be a publicly accessible URL. Right now, we self-host the image.

However, SRAPS allows to upload files ("Assign files to this provisioning profile"). We did upload the background image but the resulting URL is password protected. Once we're logged out of SRAPS, the file is not accessible anymore. We assume, that the phone won't be able to access the file, either.

The question here is: Can we upload a background image somewhere on SRAPS and make it accessible for the phone? If not, what is the feature intended for?


Ralf Rottmann

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  1. Hi,

    On SRAPS you can upload some specific types of files, as described in this page File Manager

    In your case the UI Customization should be the one to use, which would automatically re-provision the background image with the one you've uploaded on SRAPS: unfortunately that still isn't available for our D8xx phones, it isn't in a clear roadmap on our side yet so I have no way to know if or when it will be

    There is no way to upload a picture on SRAPS and make is available for the phone to access it by setting the custom_bg_image_url parameter, you would need a local or remote server to do so

    Thank you

    1. End user Ralf Rottmann

      Thanks for your response. It's sort of a pity, that the snom's flagship desk phone doesn't implement the complete feature set, especially given that enterprise grade provisioning is key to any larger installation. I hope, snom's product teams will address this in a release in the near future. Until then, it would be fair to point out this known limitation in the product description.