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I just bought a brand new D865 and have serious difficulties logging into the web interface. The phone refuses to accept the web interface. I got two warnings.

  • Phone has no web user credential
  • Phone has no web admin credentials

I have tried to access the phone via SRAPS, but to my surprise the phone is already registerd to a different account. Is there someone out there who can help me? 



Frank Castor

End user

Joined: 07.02.2023


  1. Hi,

    The phone was registered with another company and it has been removed from SRAPS, please factory reset it (keep the # key pressed during the booting) and you should be able to access the web interface with no credentials (there are no http credentials by default).

    Thank you

  2. End user Frank Castor

    Thank you for your help. However now the phone does not autoprovision anymore. Is it possible that this phone or its software is not final yet?

    I wanted to replace the all SNOM 785 in my company with the phone. But it took me almost half a day to get it basically working, so I am really unsure to change our phones.    

  3. Hi,

    The phone doesn't auto provision since it was getting the provisioning from SRAPS, it was probably registered with your provider.

    Please ask them to do this again if you want it provisioned, but they also need to provision and gave you the credentials.

    About the replacing all phones with the new series please consult with our sales team if you are a Snom partner/reseller or with your reseller if not, this is a public Community forum aimed towards end users and not Snom installers, in that case you should be able to raise a private ticket (for more information please find our contacts here

    Thank you