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EDIT #2:

found a solution. Things changed, but were not documented.


See answer #2.

Hi out there,

I'm implementing the provisioning of phones via SRAPS for a customer. I didn't test it the last two weeks, but two weeks ago everything worked fined. Today the same scripts aren't working. Every request (GET) is ok until the call (PATCH) to configure the endpoint. Result ist just:

{'status': 500, 'error': 'Internal Server Error', 'details': 'Please contact Snom for support'}

Already dived into the API documentation if something changed the last two weeks, but couldn't find anything. Is it a "normal" server failure (which will be solved soon) or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance



Christian R

End user

Joined: 20.02.2024


  1. End user Christian R

    Every GET is responding with 200. I can GET the endpoint settings, but I can't PATCH it. According to your API documentation:

    500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR - Something bad happened on the server (it's a bug)

    Could someone from snom please respond?

  2. End user Christian R

    I tested a bit more and PUT is working. Except it needs all configured fields transmitted to have a working phone. PATCH accepts only changed values and keeps the remaining configuration untouched.

    I would really appreciate any feedback by snom. This seems to be clearly a server side problem. This is not the customer support that makes me receommend snom hardware in the future.

  3. End user Christian R

    found a solution myself. It's working, but I would expect a better customer support:

    "provisioning_profile" seems to be required now. This should be documented...

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for all the updates, and I am glad you could find a solution: please remember that this is a Community dedicated to end users, as Snom we officially offer direct support via private tickets to our partners only

    When we can, and we think it could help, we also comment Community posts, but our SRAPS team never came around to comment on yours unfortunately 

    They've been informed and they will update the documentation if something is missing, in the future please raise a private ticket if you're a Snom partner, or ask your Snom reseller to do so for you

    If you are a partner and have no access to our Helpdesk, or if you would like to be pointed towards a Snom partner, please contact our sales team Sales

    Thank you

  5. End user Christian R

    I understand how snom is seperating end users and partners / resellers. I'm no end user and I'm no partner or reseller. I doubt that any online shop, which is selling your phones, understands the problem I discovered. Therefore I reached out to you on the only channel you gave me.