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I have ordered SNOM D735 phones but when I want to enter the phone in SRAPS it says ''already taken MAC'' can someone here can remove it for me in order to register it in SRAPS on my own?

Thanks in advance.


Carl Ouellet

End user

Joined: 19.06.2023


  1. End user Carl Ouellet

    MAC address 000413BCD146

  2. Hello 

    Your MAC has been removed from SRAPS.


    Michal Boltz

  3. End user Tim Vieregge

    Hi Michal,

    is there another way to send a delete request? I dont want to offer here my picture from the phones 


    Tim Vieregge

  4. End user Carl Ouellet

    Everything is OK for me Michal

  5. Hi,

    Please notice in the future we won't be able to manually remove MAC addresses from our server so a Community post won't be enough to do so, we need a private ticket because we now have an automation in place for this.

    If you are a Snom partner you can raise a MAC removal ticket on your own, otherwise you would need to ask your Snom reseller: for more info about your partner status and our resellers please contact our sales team

    Thank you

  6. End user Nadim Islam

    Hi, can you please help me remove the following MAC address: