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To add and register a Snom phone to an innovaphone PBX is very easy. The PhoneLink for innovaphone app acts as a bridge between the PBX and Snom's cloud provisioning service SRAPS.
The PBX will automatically pass on all required settings to the PhoneLink for innovaphone app.
After you have followed these steps, the phones will be successfully registered to the  innovaphone PBX  and ready to make and receive calls.  

Starting from app version 1093 mass-deployment with multiple Snom phones is possible. 

Creating a new provisioning profile

SRAPS provisioning profiles are very useful to store setting parameters that apply to a group of phones, e.g. UI language, time zone, ring tone, admin password, etc.

We will also use SRAPS provisioning profiles to personalise outbound proxy settings (important to distinguish between on-premise and cloud PBX installations)

To create a new provisioning profile, log in to the SRAPS web portal with your user credentials and go to " Provisioning Profiles ":

Add new profile:

Provide a name for the provisioning profile and select the correct product family.

It is not possible to create a template for desk phones and DECT phones combined, since the setting parameters of both product families differ.

For our example we choose the D-Series from the drop-down menu, and we create the provisioning profile for a innovaphone cloud PBX installation.

Adding the Outbound Proxy settings

  1. To find the correct setting parameter use the search bar in the Settings section
  2. Add the setting to your profile by simply clicking it 
  3. Fill in "Edit identity" pop up window.
    1. Use index 1
    2. Fill inn Value field with Outbound proxy settings.
      In our case we have cloud version and we need to use TCP protocol " ;transport=tcp"
      In local environment TCP is not mandatory and and we can skip (;transport=tcp) parameter.
      Outbound proxy can be domain name or IP address.
  4. Click SAVE.

SRAPS profiles can store more settings like Function Keys, BLFs, UI Customisation, HTTP users/passwords and many, many more.
More details and example configuration you can find in dedicated article:

More information about Provisioning Profiles you can find here:

Configuring the PhoneLink app

Go to PhoneLink app in Innovaphone PBX. If you need help installing the app, please read this article.

Open the app and select the provisioning profile you want to use for your phones. Then click SAVE.

Registering new Snom phones

The registration and the assignment of new phones to users is done in the Users Admin section of the innovaphone PBX.

Go to Users Admin

Create new user account.
a) User Name
b) Password
c) Extension
CONFIRM when done.

Go to the " Register phones " tab and chose " New phone registrations "

Select the manufacturer Snom from the drop down menu and click NEXT.

Select the category "IP Phone" and click NEXT.

Select one or more users and fill in the MAC addresses of the phones you want to assign to the user(s).
Click NEXT and FINISH to complete the phone provisioning.

Attention! By default, PhoneLink app is provisioning innovaphone PBX object (Devices->PBX→Objects) with Reverse Proxy and Media Relay option turned ON. If you need to change this configuration, you can do so here in the PBX Objects section.

Installing the phone

  1. Unpack the Snom device and connect it to the LAN, or do a factory reset if it is already connected. The phone will boot up and send an auto-provision request to our SRAPS server.
  2. The Snom phone will retrieve its configuration data stored on SRAPS and will register with the PBX.
  3. The phone will appear listed in the Objects of the innovaphone PBX:

The successful registration can be verified in PBX > Registration:

Or directly on the Phone Display by the green icon.

KNOWN LIMITATIONS of the PhoneLink App version 1093:
  • All individual phone settings enabled in SRAPS will be erased with the reboot of the PhoneLink app or the PBX.
  • Current version of the software (1093) always inform about available update even when application is up-to-date. 
  • Snom DECT devices can not be provisioned via PhoneLink app. 
    However manual configuration of the Mxxx DECT series work with Innovaphone system.