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Installation Guide 

Please make sure you have read the below information, release notes known issues before installing this software on your device. Always install and test the software in your environment before mass deployment

Important upgrade/downgrade instructions:

Any phone running an 8.9.3.x or higher firmware should not be downgraded to a version below This may lead to a deadlock situation where the firmware works, but the phone cannot be updated anymore at all! All versions lower than are affected by this update procedure issue. Only option left to get out from such deadlock situation is to use the network recovery procedure as described in our support How-to. If the downgrade is mandatory, use the as an intermediate firmware downgrade step, before you finally install the desired/known as affected version! Please note: if you experience the deadlock situation do not open an RMA case, as this is not a hardware/flash issue!

  1. Right-click on the appropriate link for your device and choose Copy shortcut:
  2. Open the Web User Interface and navigate to the Software Update page
  3. Paste the link into the Firmware field
  4. Press Load 
    → The device will reboot and start the software update
  5. Check your firmware version afterwards

Do not disconnect the power at any time during this process!

Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256 ChecksumFile Name
Snom 760~27MBbfe85b2e2110445633d30fd652d59a9a69088a5b02b8441f9a9cd0289312a5ad
Snom 720~22MB1ed573baacb57dc606257f3fb716ecf1895173d694110191eb3946db57c8228b
Snom 710~13MB7cb53f172382e2a85223d7462d3bc9a5cb9f6a2f78312f382135c6cd60326259

Customisation Files

In the following links you can find all the internal files that can be customised via Branding, via the <uploads> provisioning tag and the default language XML files.

Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256 ChecksumFile Name
Snom 760~1MB699ca1ae5b9e4b73bf87ef039e57347fd29f0b6cc7664fc1fb04f3ce7202c3bf
Snom 720~1MBf3f3ec62e31c61c34bb81f889cb0c48905fccc4f64646e13c8e57874a7f9482a
Snom 710~1MB8b6f74338df1654de23a4332ada4d9ef3dc555cf8ec55cf20e58b9729877c5d2

VPN Feature

Since Firmware version the VPN feature is no longer shipped with the default firmware due to security considerations. If you want to enable the VPN feature you have to install the VPN patch, following the download links.

Important notes about the VPN feature:

  • a network recovery will remove the VPN feature
  • starting with fw version the VPN patch version must be aligned with the phone firmware
  • if the VPN patch is installed when you update the phone updating the VPN patch is not needed
Phone ModelFile SizeSHA256 ChecksumFile Name
D375~ 228Kcb5f4fdd6cf51cc9e4648d07774d9333a6764e55eebea419f866022c4a50c9c8
D345~ 228K8220cca280d50f0e5b63b5f5dc1cc15c00e5fbf36a33cfc448d64c00be483586
D315~ 228Kbab822e45a2f6ae391525bfef6e15c29c96e69992bdf9f9cce3ff751604c2709
D305Feature is not supported
D765~ 228Ke36c8f7c04d8bbfecb1fcb6356e744151a70c3a37e622d50adf95adb8301a5df
D745~ 228K0d888b606b7b3b2c83aed4b34d2bdfeb2b2fbb18a652c0daf4ba592aecb88196
D725~ 228Kf2ec8a0b7e6376f5f173b0bdaa10acd195fe84b8ae34ba316e12ea3b803686e4
D715~ 228K830e5e620cf379ef25ededbe9a1e189002b9031e7880d13ebab5fc1c4833d8c7
D712~ 228K1eb733f35c8f0041bfe87be0f727d98cc9321c19583492546b64148072b28d1f
Snom 760~ 228K16e1dd4e4747eb049ed1d8bbe8363843f06343a3b3cd5b206cb80045451cfe9b
Snom 720~ 228Kfd0d72c27aa9e32d8e4ec1b11857b59c9b5a3f95edd2807562863e91e057014a
Snom 710~ 256K62f19a31fc115958887518e30c1eafa1d9034b24b7bccc996b00bcf7c3d02eba

Release Notes

The list below describes the changes starting from

New Features

  • SAP-457 ADD: New LDAP picture support on incoming / outgoing calls: Implementation of binary object parameter (as 'jpegPhoto') to display pictures along with LDAP directory entries
  • SAP-1040 ADD: Enhanced call forwarding via Pool soft key in all "Target when Forwarding" dialogs. All Pool contacts (LDAP, Call History, Directory, etc.) can now be set as target for CFWD operations
  • SAP-496 ADD: New setting to display or suppress messages received via SIP MESSAGES outside an INVITE shown in call screens, - see show_desktop_msg_in_call_screens for more details
  • SAP-567 ADD: New setting xfer_dest_order_lifo allows to customize in which order held calls are presented during an attended transfer scenario (last in first out)
  • SAP-1551 ADD: Enhanced call_join_xfer with new value "always" enables invoking immediate transfer via transfer key, without additional selection and confirmation, independant of how many calls are on hold
  • SAP-1578 & SCPP-205 ADD: Transfer with Line keys is now supported, - also works for BLF, Extension, speed dial, presence. E.g. in attendant transfer select transfer destination via corresponding flashing Line key.
  • SAP-1588 ADD: New setting to disable / enable "blacklisting callers via long press cancel key on incoming", - don't miss to see long_cancel_is_blocking_caller for more details
  • SAP-1497 ADD: New remote / server based blacklisting, via introduction of a new action URL action_blacklist_url and related remote_blacklist_action_timer. Please note: this is entirely decoupled from phone internal Contact Type "deny list" and aforementioned SAP-1588
  • SAP-1706 ADD: New Long Press / LP-feature introduces Phone User Interface and provisioning configuration of long press event support for every Line Key: fkey_longpress is on per default
  • LP-feature allows e.g. the reconfiguration of the Line Key that was long pressed or supports remote XML application calls when combined with Action URL for long press. Please note: for several key types contradictory to long press event support like e.g. P2T - Push2Talk the LP-feature needs to be turned off. Also applies when using XML defined keys with on press / on release attributes
  • SAP-1871 FIX: Enhanced key event F_REDIAL, which opens the dialed section in call history now also acts as OK allowing to call the selected number using same Fkey.
  • SAP-1574 ADD: New interupt parameter value: 2 for mc_address allows mixing scenarios with normal calls & multicast, including call audio split for remote party (supported on D7xx & D3x5). Please note: to ensure a multicast can also interrupt during hold, cw_dialtone needs to be set to: off
  • SAP-1323 ADD: New immediate SIP failover when ICMP is received. SIP stack now acts on ICMP messages, - before failover could be inordinately long due to timeouts of requests send to invalid address
  • SAP-1410 ADD: New multiple value (SIP response codes & reason phrases) support for sip_failover_response_reg & sip_failover_response
  • SAP-1341 ADD: New support for primary & secondary (multiple) provisioning server for redundancy via FQDN (DNS query returns multiple IP addresses). Please take swupd_curl_timeouts also into consideration regarding firmware update scenarios that include provisioning redundancy
  • SAP-1496 ADD: New support for Periodic Provisioning Server Polling, - see /advanced_update.htm in device Web User Interface for new setting like prov_polling_enabled


  • SAP-1836 FIX: WPA2 patched against KRACK WPA 2 exploit
  • SAP-1653 FIX: MD5 value set on user_hash is now treated as secret as user_pass. Please note: general Web User Interface protection improvement is strongly recommended e.g. in strict accordance with FAQ:How_do_I_secure_my_phone
  • SAP-1346 FIX: TR-069 port (7547) is now closed if TR-069 is not used
  • SAP-568 FIX: The lock symbol in display indicating an SIPS/SRTP secured call remained after call was ended, or when SRTP switched to RTP during a call, e.g. in receiving not encrypted MoH
  • SAP-1897 FIX: Default value for host_name_validation_flags changed from 2 to 0 to re-enable support for wildcard SSL certificates, - review host_name_validation_flags for more details & effectiveness
  • SAP-1933 FIX: Removed an expired preinstalled certificate (CN=DST ACES CA X6,OU=DST ACES,O=Digital Signature Trust,C=US) and added: IdenTrust Public Sector Root CA 

Network Protocol

  • SAP-1325 FIX: Web client did not handle a 3xx redirect response when Transfer-Encoding is chunked
  • SAP-1736 FIX: An LLDP-MED packet with policy: VLAN: 0, DSCP: 0, VLAN Prio: 0 was processed as a new policy initiated a reboot, ultimately led to a reboot-loop, - also perceived as a crash due to the deferred reboot execution. Please note: issue was introduced in May 2017 via SAP-611, - corrections included in SAP-611 remain intact
  • SAP-1378 FIX: Snom D712: POE class in LLDP was adjusted for D712, - it sends now "Power Value: 3800 mW" via LLDP
  • SAP-1391 UPD: Changed LLDP manufacturer name from "snom technology AG" to "snom"


  • SAP-1676 ADD: Phone reports UXM (D3 / D7) version info & UXM count when available, via Phone User Interface: System info and via Web User Interface: /info.htm and /support.htm

Firmware Update

  • SAP-374 ADD: One UXM expansion module, D3 / D7 can now be updated via USB equipped deskphone (supported on D7xx & D3x5), see Firmware/UXM for guidance & UXM firmware

SIP Signalling

  • SAP-1416 FIX: Receiving Expire = 0 on Register did not trigger custom retry interval (see: retry_after_failed_register), - timer for failed registration was ignored and register send after default: 300s
  • SAP-1429 FIX: A retransmitted 180 was PRACKed (see: RFC 3262 Section 4), - in some cases the cseq was incremented
  • SAP-1572 FIX: Snom D3x5, D7x5 & D712: If the SSRC is changed during shift from early media to the proper rtp without a new call setup, an rtp delay with up to ~3 seconds of no-audio could be observed
  • SAP-1632 FIX: If an previously negotiated session intervall was during an HOLD refused with "422 Session interval too small", the new proposed was ignored for RE-INVITE, - resulting in a local HOLD
  • SAP-1821 FIX: If an SDP is received in an 181 "Call is Being Forwarded" it was not processed, no early media was played at the 181, ultimately led to call was dropped / ended with BYE directly after 200 OK
  • SAP-1848 FIX: Receiving multiple m-lines in an SDP, a parsing error led to apply the second m-line even it was disabled and had a status sendonly (in the specific case), - ultimately caused one way audio scenarios
  • SAP-1215 FIX: BLF's configured with XML definitions could loose the subscription


  • SAP-1488 FIX: After an call with alert-info header, the ringtone linked to it was not reset
  • The next call without alert-info header was indicated with this ringtone instead of the standard
  • SAP-1918 FIX: Improved AGC performance (Automatic Gain Control) for handsfree speakerphone use for D3x5 series, the D7x5, 7x5 and D712
  • SAP-1837 FIX: Support for increased_ringer_volume on 720 and 760 was broken and on D3x5 series, the D7x5, 7x5 and D712 it was listed under /settings.htm even it was never introduced to be supported
  • SAP-1844 ADD: Support for increased_ringer_volume is now introduced for all 7xx, D7xx, D3xx models
  • SAP-609 FIX: Snom 710 / D710: Loss of DTMF or Call Waiting tone after ~280 calls received
  • SAP-1573 FIX: Snom 710 / D710: DTMF (in-band) stopped working after ~400 calls and needs a reboot to recover it

User Interface

  • Generally: Extensions and corrections of icons, particularly for monochrome high resolution models plus aligning the low resolution models to it. Minor text adjustments, centering, upper & lower case corrections, etc. Minor improvements in Web User Interface and Phone User Interface. Always scroll title, messages etc. if texts are too long. Improved image cache robustness. Several text cut-offs addressed
  • SAP-1518 FIX: Snom 760 (solely HW Revision R1A): Scrolling with navigation key did not work properly within e.g. Directory and Timezone, was skipping entries or a whole page. Please note: was caused by an regression introduced with the release from May 2017 - No need for an RMA!
  • SAP-1729 FIX: D305 & D315: if mute_is_dnd_in_idle is ON, the Mute key led does now lit-up / goes off aligned with DND is active / inactive
  • SAP-1768 UPD: To prevent accidental redirections / deflections via e.g. speed dial, the new default value is "off" for redirect_ringing
  • SAP-1723 FIX: F_SAFETRANSFER soft key and its functionality was recovered
  • SAP-1494 FIX: Transfer target appeared in transferee's dialed calls list (or likewise in received calls list), but was not dialed (or received), - depending on initial call direction A -> B + xfer, or B -> A + xfer
  • SAP-1150 FIX: Missed call counter was increased in case of: SIP;cause=200;text="Call completed elsewhere", if missed calls exists before. The call was not added to call history
  • SAP-779 FIX: Now all phones indicate that VPN is in use in display (limited to 8.9.3.x supported models)
  • SAP-1375 FIX: With CFWD enabled on color screen phones the call forward overlay was blocking the user from reading the call history
  • SAP-1405 FIX: Only on color display phones in multicast scenarios: Speaker symbol was displayed too late when changing from headset to speaker
  • SAP-910 FIX: The backlight remained constantly on, even no minibrowser instance was active - like minibrowser exit was not entirely completed
  • Please note: this was also indicated via debug pages /state_of_gui.htm: "BACKLIGHT constant_on" and /minibrowser.htm: "No active minibrowser instance"
  • SAP-1311 FIX: Timezone Chile had outdated DST values
  • SAP-1364 FIX: Timezone Turkey was using wrong UTC offset

Web User Interface

  • SAP-1633 FIX: Photo-upload in directory was impossible if the contact has special characters (in names/nick), e.g. ä,ö,ü and others
  • SAP-1316 FIX: Web User Interface language does now falls back to English if current language value is not available
  • SAP-1401 FIX: After an identity was removed, the function keys context still referenced the removed one
  • SAP-1428 FIX: Valid values for vlan_id & vlan_pc_id are now restricted to 1-4094. Please note: VLAN ID 0 and 4095 are for reserved use as defined by the IEEE_802.1Q standard and should not be set on devices
  • SAP-1677 FIX: Update of company name in Web User Interface navigation pane

XML Minibrowser


  • SAP-653 FIX: ldap_predict_text=on combined with guess_number=on can lead to unlimited length of query string


  • SAP-1339 FIX: Large local directory (e.g. 2000 entries) slowed down the phone significantly on incoming call, as the search takes very long
  • SAP-1546 FIX: If user_pic is set to an URL that is invalid or unresolvable the phone significantly slows down esp. during repetition of fetch attempts
  • SAP-1738 FIX: If an unsupported image size (dimensions) was provided to the phone via custom_bg_image_url the phones crashed and ultimately led to a crash-loop as long the image was downloaded yet again
  • SAP-1800 FIX: In particular case, where the phone is transferred to a target that forwards the call to a target that rejects the call, the phone crashed frequently
  • SAP-1415 FIX: The support for XmlSubTags/action on press / on release was recovered. Please note: the new LP-feature introduced with SAP-1706 (listed above under new features) needs to be turned off for the respective key via fkey_longpress
  • SAP-1684 FIX: 19222 is removed from default emergency numbers, as it is not an emergency number

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues that are known to appear with this release. Please DO NOT open support tickets reporting these issues.

  • SCPP-6299 Replacing handset does not immediately return phone to idle when remote is busy
  • SCPP-6317 Phone shows ethernet disconnect warning when W-Lan is in use
  • SCPP-6351 Headset Jabra Pro 935 via USB: headset can end incoming calls only by pressing the headset button twice (works with snom EHS Advanced)
  • SCPP-6334 D715 & D725: ignores volume parameter from multicast setting: mc_address
  • SAP-220 Snom710: holding reminder heard by connected party