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Find your installed firmware Version:

For further Informations see here: Check the installed firmware version

Update the firmware of your Snom phone.

Manual method

D120, D3xx & D7xx Series

  • Go to our Firmware Update Center page and look for the download link of your phone model (e.g. 
  • Right-click on the link to copy the link to your clipboard

  • Open the phone web interface, and navigate to the menu item "Software update."

  • Insert the copied link into the text field and press load.

    The phone will restart, and will start to download and extract the firmware file.

D8xx Series from Fw Version:

(With Phone Manager)

The complete firmware update process may take a couple of minutes. Please do not interrupt the power supply to the phone during this process.

Firmware update via auto provisioning

You can also update the firmware of Snom phones by means of auto provisioning. This allows you to update multiple phones simultaneously and with significantly less effort.
We explain how this works here: Firmware Update via Provisioning