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Web User Interface

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Phone User Interface




XML Configuration

<retry_after_failed_register perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</retry_after_failed_register>


This value specifies after how many seconds the phone should attempt to reregister when the initial registration has failed. If this value is zero, the phone will make no such attempt.
Value can be single integer value (range '1' to this value) or a range like '2,10'. Randomizing 10 percent if single value is configured (e.g. 300 +- 30sec)
The value can also be, for example '3,6:300'. In this case when the phone loses the registration, a random value in seconds between 3 and 6 will be chosen and after this time the phone will try again. After that the value is doubled and the phone will try again until registration succeeds or the timer reached the second value. This is the maximum timer value. So basically the longer the phone is unregistered the longer it takes to reregister.

Valid Values

1 - 1209600

Default Value