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XML Configuration

<sip_health_check perm="PERMISSIONFLAGS">VALIDVALUE</sip_health_check>


Enables/Disables the status polling of primary SBC's if the phone has been failed over to the backup SBC's.
Not recommended due to additional traffic.

If enabled the phone will send Option Requests within the account_health_check to the primary SBC. Any SIP Response
will be taken as host is available again and the entry will then change to quarantine state. If the quarantine
period timer finally fires, it will trigger a reregistration of all accounts to the primary SBC again.

The following settings configure the timing and show their default values (all in seconds):

 sip_health_check: off // en/disables the health check
 sip_health_check_base_time: 30
 sip_health_check_max_time: 300
 sip_health_check_static_time: 300

The value of dirty_host_ttl needs to be chosen "large enough", lets say a couple of hours or something similiar.

The SIP Options resend time is then calculated as

 health_check_ubw = min(health_check_max_time, base_time * 2^num_retries)
 health_check_ubw *= rand(50..100%)
 health_check_ubw += health_check_static_time

The same algorithm is used for the quarantine_period of the primary SBC, except that the static and max times are adjustable:

 sip_quarantine_max_time: 600
 sip_quarantine_static_time: 1800

Valid Values

  • on
  • off

Default Value

  • off