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The SIP Trace page is a log window which displays the SIP signaling. It becomes very important when analyzing the functionality of the phone and is very helpful on for trouble shooting support request.

  • Open the page and clear all content.

  • Perform the scenario which caused the unexpected behavior in a basic environment.
    You can filter the displayed SIP messages in the WUI via the "advanced" → "Network" page in the "Debug" section - setting :"SIP Trace for REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY".
    You may enable the filter if the problem is not assumed to be related to Registration (REGISTER) or BLF Function (SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY) but call issues.

  • Reload the page

  • Select and copy the content of the page and paste it into a plain text document (using Notepad or KWrite)

  • Save the textfile and name it in order to be identified easily. Attach the file to your support request.