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The SIP Trace page is a log window which displays the SIP signalling. It becomes very important when analysing the functionality of the phone and is very helpful for trouble shooting support request.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the SIP Trace page and clear all content.

  2. Perform the scenario which caused the unexpected behaviour in a basic environment. You can filter the displayed SIP messages via the advanced page setting :"SIP Trace for REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY".
    You may enable the filter if the problem is not assumed to be related to Registration (REGISTER) or BLF Function (SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY) but call issues.

  3. Reload the page, select and copy the content of the page and paste it into a plain text document (using i.e. Notepad or KWrite)

  4. Save the textfile and name it in order to be identified easily and attach it to your support request.