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Snom desk phones log all activities into an in-memory log. Looking into the phone log is one of the first troubleshooting steps.

The depth of logging can be easily configured through the log_level setting parameter.

In order to obtain the phone log you need to:

  1. Log on to the phone web interface
  2. Click on the Log menu
  3. Select the correct log level using the select box:

  4. Click Apply

  5. Click Clear to empty the log

  6. Reproduce the issue

  7. Once the error occurs click on the Reload button

  8. Copy the log messages into a .txt file

NOTE: If you are requested to add a phone log to your support ticket, please copy and paste the phone log into a text file and attach it to the ticket. Do not send paste the log into the text field of the ticket, send us a screenshot or a PDF containing the log.
The internal phone log is stored into a limited buffer. In case your issue takes some time to be reproduced, or in case of random and non-reproducible issues you need to setup a long term logging via a Syslog-Server.