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If you do not have a network connection at the place where your Snom phone is used, e.g. at trade fairs, information booths or a gatehouse, you can also integrate your device into your telephone system via a WLAN connection. You need only a WLAN USB Stick attached to the Snom Deskphone at booting time.

Since in this case there is no PoE power supply available, you have to electrify your Snom phone with an Accu or power supply (5V).

Setup WLAN

  1. When the phone is completely started, press the button with the gear symbol  → Network

    And confirm with the hook button (OK).

  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the menu item: WLAN.

    And confirm again with the hook button (OK).

  3. You will now see a menu item "WLAN" and a grey switch on the right.
    1. Pressing the hook button again activates the WLAN support and looks like this.

  4. Now use the arrow keys to navigate to the "Search WLAN" menu item and press the hook button again.
  • A search for all available WLAN networks will now start.

  • Select your desired WLAN hotspot and enter your password.

    Note: Be sure to use the shift key in the upper left corner for entering numbers or upper/lower case.
  • When you are finished, press the "Restart" softkey.

  • The phone will restart and then connect to the Internet via WLAN.