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The F4 key has a double function in the standard setting:

The configured functionality is offered, but access to info messages is also guaranteed.

Once all info messages have been read or deleted, the function selected by the user is accessible again. This function is usually also available at F4 when entering the info menu.

The following pictures should illustrate the described, we start in the OneNet-Manager-Portal - Device Manager

The function of the local telephone book was selected here for the F4 key.

If the phonebook now starts up after provisioning, there will usually be a status message in the info area -

in this example the note on received voice messages -

therefore the F4 key is "overwritten" with the info function:

We now enter the info area and receive access to the corresponding messages, here the function selected in ONM for the F4 key is already available.

After deleting or reading the entries we leave the info menu with "X".

The local phonebook becomes available in the "idle screen".

This feature can be configured to a different context key index / disabled via the setting idle_status_btn_index