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It is possible to make some Bluetooth Jabra headsets ring when there is an incoming call to the phone.

  • First, please check that your headset is in the list of tested devices for the desk phone you are using and it's reported with the "VIA" property.
    Compatible Headsets
    Both the phone and the headset needs to be upgraded to the latest firmware (for the headset, use the Jabra Direct software connecting the headset to your laptop/PC).

  • Second, on the phone, the parameter you would need to set is the following one.
    And this can be set via configuration file or provisioning to "headset" or "headsetloud", the latter will make both the headset and speaker ringing for an incoming call.

    On the web interface, the parameter can he set to "Headset" or "Headset and Speaker" as in the below screenshot.

  • Third, the headset needs to be set to accept the ringing coming from the phone, and this can be done by setting the "Ringtone in headset" option via the Jabra Direct software (this is disabled by default)

    Then plugging the Bluetooth dongle into the phone again should allow you to hear Jabra's own ringtone directly into the headset connected to the desk phone.